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Electronic Billing (eBill) FAQ


You Can Now Receive your Bill Via Email!

Switch to the Morris Broadband Electronic Biling (eBill) option and you’ll enjoy the convenience of receiving your bill online.  Once registered for eBill, we will send all your future bills to the email address of your choosing.  Going to eBill allows you to receive your bills faster and store them easier than ever before.  Go to our sign up page to get the process started!

Go Green and switch to auto-payment along with Electronic Billing (eBill)

Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating ALL paperwork to pay your Morris Broadband bill by authorizing a direct payment to your credit card by using direct withdraw from your savings or checking account.  Automatic payment, coupled with eBill truly eliminates all of the hassles.  Now your bill will arrive via email for easy review, and get automatically paid without you having to write a check, fill out an envelope (don’t forget the stamp!) and remember to put the envelope in the mail.  Call our Customer Service team at 692-3278 or 1-888-855-9036 to make the switch to auto payment today!


What is a Morris Broadband eBill?

Morris Broadband’s electronic billing option (eBill) is simply the online delivery of your monthly Morris Broadband bill. Each month you will receive an e-mail from Morris Broadband which will include a summary of your bill as well as a PDF attachment for easy printing or saving in your files.

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eBill exampleIs eBill different than my paper bill?

eBill is the same as a paper bill, it just has a little different layout. To see an example of an eBill, click the image on the right.

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How do I participate?

You must sign up for eBill by visiting our website, and clicking on the eBill-signup link. You will need to provide your name, the service address (your account number would be great!) and an e-mail address where we can send your eBill. Morris Broadband will check this information against our records and if everything looks good, change your account to eBill.

Please note, when you enroll in eBill you should receive an e-mail every billing cycle around the same date each month. If you do not receive your eBill, it is possible that your spam filter may be deleting the file. If you do not receive a monthly eBill, please contact Morris Broadband at 1-888-855-9036 immediately to avoid receiving a disconnect notice for non-payment.

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Do I need to use my email address?

No. We will send your eBill to any valid email address you give us.

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How will I know if I've been approved for an eBill?

After you have enrolled, Morris Broadband will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address listed on your enrollment form. This e-mail confirmation will state that your enrollment has been successfully processed and will verify your chosen e-mail address.

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Will I still receive a bill through the mail?

After you have received the Morris Broadband eBill confirmation e-mail, you will no longer receive paper bills.

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Can I get a printed copy of a bill once I am enrolled in eBill?

All of your eBills will have a PDF file attached for your records. If you lose a file, the Morris Broadband Customer Service team can provide you with a new one. Just call us at 1-888-855-9036 and request a new copy and they will email it to you. Don’t forget to have your PIN available when you call!

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What if my e-mail address changes?

If you need to update your e-mail address, just call customer service at 1-888-855-9036 and let them know the change. They will make the modification in your account. 

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How are payments made?

With eBill, you still have all the same payment options as with a paper bill:

  • Recurring auto pay via ACH or credit card
  • One time credit card payment via our web site at
  • One time credit card payment via our Auto Voice Response by calling our toll free number: 1-888-855-9036 and using option 3.
  • Mail Payment to our lockbox.  Please remember to include the payment coupon from the bottom of the PDF file attachment if you mail in your payment.

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How can I discontinue eBill?

You can cancel eBill by calling Customer Service and at 1-888-855-9036 and requesting a change in your billing option.

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What happens if I move?

As long as you are still within the Morris Broadband service area, you can still receive an eBill. Just call Customer Service at 1-888-855-9036 to move your service and let them know you want to continue to receive your bill via eBill.

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